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Lina Yohay

I am a Brand Designer,

Design mentor, and Illustrator.

Consciousness is at the core of my work.

I always strive to combine aesthetics with meaningful storytelling.



Inspirational App to boost emotional energy

UI/UX Design | Visual Design

Corporate Cards and App to implement Mindfulness within the workplace

UI/UX Design | Visual Design | Branding

Organic Cosmetics from the Amazon Rainforest

Branding | Visual Design | Web


Urban Gluten-free bakery
Visual Design | Branding | Social Media

Kombucha Organic Brew
Visual Design | Branding | Social Media

When I stand before the Creator at the end of my journey, I WOULD hope that I wOULD not have a single bit of talent left and cOULD say: I used everything you gave me.



ADPList Top Female Mentors in
Graphic Design
December 2023.

Design To Be (EQ for Designers), Graduated with honors,
July 2021.




I'm Lina! My life philosophy revolves around fostering positive interactions and spreading kindness. Trained as a Designer, I've spent the past 15 years as a self-taught and independent Creative Solopreneur. In addition, I serve as a Design Mentor at ADPlist, guiding students worldwide in the nuances of visual design practices.

My fascination with arts and design began in my early years, influenced by my Colombian roots and childhood experiences. Over time, I expanded my expertise to include Visual Design, UI/UX, and the application of EQ and Mindfulness to design.

My experience spans start-ups and multinational companies, where I have contributed to marketing, branding, and research departments.


UI Design
Visual Design
Mindfulness in Design

Body Blossom, nominated for
Best Cosmetics Design, ADF&PCD Paris, June 2020.

Absolut's Global Creative Competition, 1st. place Illustrator in Israel,
March 2019.

MORE braND Design & client COllABS

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How is it
to work with me?

“Lina approaches each project with very advanced and precise skills, pinpointing in her very creative understanding, what is required in a world where visual concepts, product labeling, and branding are crucial. She brings a new vision combining color with shape propelling ideas to new places.”

— Sylviane Rabi, Content Manager at Mind Set Play

“Lina is a very talented and efficient designer that we've worked with on multiple projects over the past year, always presenting back top quality and creative work. A pleasure to work with.”

— Luis Bustamante, Founder at Codeara

“I have had an amazing experience working with Lina on our illustration projects! Her creativity and understanding are exceptional. Throughout the process, she has been a collaborative partner, always open to feedback and quick to make changes. The result surpasses our expectations, and we now have a product that truly stands out.”

— Sharon Devidas, Clipper Israel

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