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Tori Bakes

Gluten-Free Bakery in the City



Tori Bakes, founded by Tori Blake, is a gluten-free bakery that is reshaping the world of baking with its delicious and decadent traditional pastries. This bakery is dedicated to providing a fresh and wholesome approach to baked goods.

Tori Bakes' mission revolves around offering a healthier alternative in a market saturated with processed foods. The brand is committed to delivering homemade products that cater to a lifestyle focused on well-being and redefine the art of baking.


Most bakeries in town have gluten-free sections, but not many focus on gluten-free products only. Tori Bakes brand wanted to approach a particular niche by delivering the best products to consumers. The brand was already established in the market, but no branding system existed. 

My challenge was to create classic, cutting-edge, and colorful visuals to implement in the branding, packaging, social media, and web; and to create a Branding Kit that the customer could rely on to make the brand's material.

Branding / Packaging / Social Media / Web

Illustrator / Photoshop

Tori Blake
Pledione Studio
Washington D.C / US




As the only designer, the challenge was to create a versatile visual identity that balanced classic and modern elements with vibrant colors to revitalize the brand. This encompassed branding, packaging, and social media, along with the development of a comprehensive Branding Kit for consistent representation.


The primary focus was on conveying a cozy, home-based atmosphere tailored to an exclusive user base, achieved through a strategic blend of vibrant colors and classic ornate elements, aligning seamlessly with the brand's core mission.




For the logo, our approach was to blend typographic elements with ornamental details and bakery-inspired features, creating the primary logo for the Brand as per the client's vision. We aimed to infuse the logo with both a compelling visual narrative and a symbolic essence, which led to the development of two distinct options after several iterations. 

The first option was the primary logo, rich in ornamental bakery-related details intertwined with the founder's name. The second option took the form of a secondary typographic symbol adorned with seven stars, each representing key brand attributes: gluten-free, freshness, homemade, healthy, organic, playfulness, and joy. These two logo variations were crafted to encapsulate the essence and values of the brand.



In order to achieve a fresh, vibrant, and energetic brand identity, I integrated an array of geometric and ornamental shapes, harmonized within a lively color palette. This combination effectively conveyed a sense of playfulness, elegance, and joy. For typography, I opted for a Serif typeface, a classic and sophisticated font that seamlessly complemented the logo's graphic elements.

Understanding the client's need for self-sufficiency in visual content creation, I developed a comprehensive Branding Kit, complete with a detailed booklet containing all the necessary materials, ensuring the company could effortlessly produce visuals even without a designer on hand.

Styleguide_ToriBakes 1.jpg

Visuals and Packaging

Adhering to the style guide, I focused on creating graphics primarily tailored for printed materials and packaging.

6 box_tori.jpg
2 plastic ice cream cup mockupd.jpg

Web and Posts

For the brand's launch, I created a comprehensive strategic journey, with a particular focus on harnessing the immense potential of Instagram and the creation of the Tori Bakes website. These steps were planned and executed to effectively position the brand in the competitive gluten-free market.

Instagram became a space to craft a compelling narrative, engage with the audience, and spark curiosity, inviting customers to explore the delightful world of gluten-free offerings and reimagining their approach to baking. The strategic use of social media allowed us to not only promote the brand but also foster a sense of belonging, driving customer loyalty and establishing a lasting connection with our audience.