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Tori Bakes

Gluten-Free Bakery in the City



Tori Bakes by Tori Blake is a gluten-free bakery that offers fresh products for everyone to enjoy. Its handmade traditional pastries products blend deliciousness with decadence revolutionizing the world of baking.

The brand's mission caters to a healthier lifestyle and fresh homemade products in a processed food market. 


Most bakeries in town have gluten-free sections, but not many focus on gluten-free products only. Tori Bakes brand wanted to approach a particular niche by delivering the best products to consumers. The brand was already established in the market, but no branding system existed. 

My challenge was to create classic, cutting-edge, and colorful visuals to implement in the branding, packaging, social media, and web; and to create a Branding Kit that the customer could rely on to make the brand's material.

Branding / Packaging / Social Media / Web

Illustrator / Photoshop

Tori Blake
Pledione Studio
Washington D.C / US




As the only designer, my role in this project was to create branding and visuals that communicated a home-based feeling while targeting an exclusive user. I focused on the strategic use of bright colors combined with classic and ornamental elements, creating an environment of novelty and joy aligned with the Brand's mission.




The client wanted to have a typographic approach to the logo combined with ornamentals and bakery elements, which became the primary logo for the Brand. Since I wanted the logo to have both a graphic story behind it and a symbol, we came up with two options after several iterations. 

I designed one primary logo with ornamentals related to the bakery and the founder's name and a secondary typographic symbol with seven stars representing: gluten-free, freshness, homemade, healthy, organic, playfulness, and joy.



Since the goal was to create a fresh, vibrant, energetic brand, I combined various geometrical and ornamental shapes in a bright-tone color scheme to express playfulness, elegance, and joy. I chose a Serif typeface, a classic and stylish font that flowed and combined with the logo's graphic elements.

The client wanted a Branding Kit that would allow the company to do more visuals without a designer nearby, so I prepared a booklet with all the material to deliver.

Styleguide_ToriBakes 1.jpg

Visuals and Packaging

Following the style guide, I designed the graphics mainly for printed material and packaging.

6 box_tori.jpg
2 plastic ice cream cup mockupd.jpg

Web and Posts

For the brand's launch, I created the strategy on Instagram, and Tori Bakes website, enabling the brand to position itself in the gluten-free market and drive product discovery while increasing customer loyalty.