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Kombucha Organic Brew



In the Israeli market, KAMBU made a noteworthy entrance, introducing a novel and distinct variety of kombucha. While the precise origins of this ancient elixir may be shrouded in history, its traditional recipe is believed to have roots dating back as far as 200BC. In recent times, kombucha, a naturally fermented and invigorating beverage, has gained substantial traction and witnessed a remarkable surge in local popularity.


As the sole designer in charge of launching the product into the market, my primary objective was to craft branding visuals that captured the beverage's spiritual essence, reminiscent of a magical elixir from ancient times. In a landscape teeming with an overabundance of sugar-laden beverages, kombucha stands as a beacon of health and nutrition, offering a more mindful choice for consumers. This surge in kombucha's popularity signals a shift towards healthier and balanced dietary options, highlighting the significance of making conscientious choices.

Concept / Branding / Packaging

Illustrator / Photoshop

Pledione Studio





I conceived the brand's concept to convey the message of "Connecting with oneself through the uplifting power of a natural beverage." In my design work, I aimed to capture the harmonious fusion of visual aesthetics, colors, symbols, and flavor, seamlessly uniting instant physical and spiritual well-being.

This approach gave rise to the transcendental concept "DRIVE YOUR VIBE," which served as the guiding inspiration for all the graphics and visual elements I crafted for the brand.



The client's vision entailed a logo rooted in a typographic approach, blending elements from both the Hebrew and Latin alphabets.

Driven by my aspiration for the logo to encompass a rich visual narrative and an emblematic symbol, I crafted a primary logo as well as various adaptations tailored to the diverse tastes offered by Kambu.

I used geometric and tribal designs with striking gradients to give the brand a unique and colorful personality.

The result was a vibrant and lively brand identity that closely linked the brand to its variety of flavors.

My involvement spanned the project from inception to completion, encompassing the design of the entire product identity. This included the creation of the logo and associated graphics, echoing tribal motifs and clan identity, seamlessly woven into the visual representation of the brand.



In preparation for the brand's official launch, I planned an array of visually stunning Instagram stories, each carefully telling the enthralling tale of Kambu. The audience's curiosity was piqued by this strategic storytelling strategy, which also created a tangible sense of excitement and expectation for the product.

When Kambu was launched, it was wildly successful and especially popular with younger audiences. The brand is currently on a thrilling path toward its growth into the developing South American market, where it hopes to work its magic and captivate a larger audience.

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