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MSP Mind Set Play



Emotional intelligence, flexible thinking, the capacity to get along with others, accept oneself, and the confidence to try new things and think outside the box are all important factors in achieving success in the work/life environment.


MSP is a unique initiative that consists of a set of corporate cards that are backed by an app. This new method aims on initiating kindfulness (kindness+mindfulness) within the workplace.


According to research, mindfulness promotes both individual and team performance. Ideally, improving how individuals interact with one another should improve business culture by fostering more supportive and friendly connections that boost workplace performance.


My challenge was to design the UI and the visual identity for print and digital assets with a  cross-functional team and to create an innovative phygital product (physical+digital) that emphasizes kindness in the workplace.

Research / Branding / UI Design 


Lina Yohay (Visual Designer and UI Design)

Jen Vermiere  (UI/UX Designer)

Sylviane Rabi (Positive Psychology)

Luis Bustamante (Code and Engineering)

Illustrator / Photoshop / Figma / Webflow / Miro

MSP Mind Set Play
Code Ara Design Studio


How might we implement KINDFULNESS within the workplace?


We came up with the idea for this creative solution by attempting to design a basic strategy focused on introducing kindness to the workplace. 


Using cards is a simple approach to lessen the negative effects of working stress on the mind and body. Mind Set Play is a method for getting started and staying present, which leads to increased mental agility, resilience, and self-awareness. Furthermore, it can alleviate emotional tiredness, promote openness to new ideas, and foster compassion and empathy. 


We implemented the concept of "kindfulness" because being both aware of the present moment and kind to oneself allows people to practice being compassionate to themselves and others.

10 msp cards.jpg


We built the brand's strategy, tone of voice, and visual appearance online and offline after extensive research that included individuals from several fields.

The inspiration for branding behind Mind Set Play found its incentive, observing the positive impact of 'kindfulness' in the workplace and transcribing it into a colorful and joyful visual experience that stimulates our brains.

Our main goal was to present the project's core values as a heart-driven, authentic & innovative product sprinkled with a tint of joy and gleefulness. 


The MSP logo was designed to relate playfulness to our EQ and to balance the positive and bad experiences encountered at work and in life.




I created a colorful palette and graphics within a flexible system to serve the brand identity in the long run.



Exo Black

Helvetica Neue


Helvetica Neue





Different shapes and patterns adapted to the color palette, resulting in patterns and textures for graphics used on digital or printed media.

5 All the cards.jpg

Corporate Cards Set

I created a deck of cards that may be used alone or in groups. Each deck comprised 50 units, including the instructions and guide cards as well as the card segments of quiet, awareness, silence, patience, letting go, and contentment.

11 msp leaflet.jpg

In addition to the cards, I designed a leaflet to guide users through the whole experience.

The client thought it was critical that the branding be used on printed materials for seminars and in-person product demonstrations.

12 msp corporate material.jpg
3 MSP App mockup.jpg

Digital app

After implementing the product within the teams, we devised the idea of designing an app to support the corporate cards so people could access them in a digital format. The app is currently under development, and it will contain elements such as cards, quotes, and sharing chats that will allow the user to work on a specific goal individually, with a friend, or in teams.


I created a colorful and energetic brand identity, appealing to a wide range of target audiences.


Every user can dive into Kindfulness on his own, along with a partner, or in a team.


Different quotes showcase daily guiding the users to accomplish a specific goal.


Every day, a set of four cards is displayed. Furthermore, the user can select up to four cards from a variety of topics related to kindfulness.

7 msp cards.jpg


For the past 12 years, I have worked as a designer on the subject of mindfulness. I've learned how to effectively combine this information with design in order to develop a phygital (physical+digital) solution.

The Knocke Institute of Neural Science in Belgium is now working on this project that connects snippets from Positive Psychology and mindfulness to digital and printed media.


Until now, 85% of the teams have found benefits for their personal development and for implementing Kindfulness within their workplace.

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