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Body Blossom

Organic Cosmetics



This project centers around BODY BLOSSOM, a Brazilian natural cosmetics brand with a primary focus on organic products enriched with plant-based ingredients designed to nurture, soothe, and pamper the skin. The brand's core mission is to foster a harmonious connection between individuals, their surroundings, and nature.

BODY BLOSSOM draws inspiration from the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest and the communities residing within it. Its ethos is dedicated to cultivating awareness about conservation not only among the local residents but also among the clients it serves, thereby fostering a profound sense of environmental responsibility.


The challenge at hand was to craft a visually captivating and clean brand that effectively conveyed the importance of environmental consciousness and a commitment to the planet through the use of renewable products.

Body Blossom's product line is rooted in three renewable extracts sourced from trees in the Amazon forests, including the Andiroba seed, the Castanha seed, and the Cacao fruit. As the sole designer on the project, I embarked on creating visuals that seamlessly intertwined these eco-friendly concepts to introduce the brand to the market.

Branding / Visual Design/ Packaging/ Web

Illustrator / Photoshop / Figma / Shopify

Body Blossom Organic Cosmetics
Pledione Studio 






*All the images belong to their respective owners

How might I represent the harmonious blend between BodyBlossom'sproducts and nature?


Within the Amazon rainforest system, a complex web of interconnected ecosystems forms a larger biome, where each element relies on the others, either directly or indirectly.

My role in this project was to encapsulate this intricate concept through a captivating visual narrative. This involved shaping the brand's language and meticulously selecting elements, textures, and colors that, when combined, would breathe life into the brand's unique identity.


*All the images belong to their respective owners



For the logo, I opted for a sleek sans-serif typography, coupled with an abstract representation of the palm tree. Palm trees hold an iconic status as tropical forest flora, with over 2,500 species in existence. They play a pivotal role in the Amazon rainforest, contributing significantly to climate regulation.

Drawing inspiration from the rainforest's diverse elements, I created textures and forms that serve as symbolic manifestations of the perpetual metamorphosis inherent in the natural world and the evolution of the rainforest. To embody the essence of each Body Blossom ingredient – Andiroba, Castanha, and Cacao – I employed a camouflage texture that harmonized with the brand's visual identity.

In selecting the elements for the logo and images, I opted for frogs due to their role as vital indicators of rainforest conservation, providing invaluable insights into the health of ecosystems. Additionally, caterpillars were included, as they play a crucial part in pollinating a wide array of plants.

The color palette I employed was derived from reference photographs, with a touch of my personal creativity to introduce contrasting tropical hues.

Essential to this process was a deep understanding of the Brand's mission and how it resonates through its products. This comprehension was seamlessly integrated into the design system for visuals and digital products, ensuring a cohesive and purpose-driven visual identity.

6a Branding GIF material bodyblossom.gif

Typography  /  patterns /  logo /  colors

8b Castanha Box color.jpg
8b Andiroba Box color.jpg
8b Cacao Box color.jpg


The products we designed took into account the fundamental principles upheld by Body Blossom. These guidelines include using vegan, cruelty-free, and toxin-free products, with a focus on having a beneficial influence on the environment and the community.  

The packaging materials and inks chosen were not only eco-friendly but also biodegradable. Additionally, the plastic used for the product packaging was sourced from recycled or plant-based materials.

In total, there were six distinct products, each associated with Andiroba, Castanha, and Cacao. To ensure visual consistency both in the products and across the online store, I developed a uniform packaging system in line with the client's specifications.

9 Silhouettes-01.jpg


14 Body Blossom Illustrator Store Templates 2022.jpg

Posts and Banners

To elevate the presence of BODY BLOSSOM within the market, a strategic approach was adopted. This involved the creation of compelling social media content tailored for Instagram, spanning both feed and stories. Additionally, a well-executed marketing campaign was set into motion, featuring captivating web banners.

These banners were meticulously designed with the primary objective of guiding customers to seamlessly place their orders through the Instagram Shop. Through this multifaceted approach, we aimed to not only position the brand effectively but also offer an engaging and user-friendly shopping experience for our valued customers. 

This comprehensive strategy enabled the company to not only position its brand effectively but also to build a captivating brand narrative and foster product discovery. Over the course of six months, this approach resulted in a remarkable 50% increase in Instagram engagement.


Through these endeavors, we successfully created an enriched and immersive experience for our audience while driving valuable brand recognition and engagement.

6 instagram image bodyblossom.jpg


My hard work and dedication to creating exceptional packaging design was acknowledged. Back in 2022, my work for Body Blossom was handpicked by ADF&PCD Paris as one of the best in the world of cosmetics packaging design. It was a recognition of the care and creativity that went into every aspect of the Body Blossom project.

In January, I took things a step further by participating in the Packaging Design Awards. My packaging's nomination was a celebration of my dedication to eco-friendly practices and unique design. I felt truly honored to have been recognized on a global scale.

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